I have had many trainers in my lifetime and all had one thing in common. They trained me as if I was just another person they were training and all for the love of money. 

I am extremely lucky to have met Christina. She is kind, she has the biggest heart and she genuinely cares for you. Christina is the best trainer out there with a strong attention to detail. As much as I hate my sessions with her solely because I absolutely hate working out, I feel amazing every single time. 

I am left feeling motivated to take on life to the fullest every single session and I don't know what I would do without her!

She truly is one of a kind.

- Diane William

Owner: BoandMarrow

Canadian Bone Broth

42 Day Weight Loss

40 pounds lost

I have had an amazing experience with Christina.


She's extremely knowledgeable about women's bodies, and knows what works for each individual person. Her training sessions are challenging, she pushes me further than I ever have been pushed, but is encouraging throughout the training.


She is there for me anytime I have questions, and is always wanting to help me improve my life. I am so thankful to have her in my life!

-Kristen Joy

Clear Skin Program

Before & After (21 days)

42-day Weight Loss Program

Before & After

30 pounds lost & hormones rebalanced

Body on Pointe is absolutely amazing! I started working with Christina when I was four months pregnant, and continue to work with her a year postpartum. I had been searching the city for a prenatal yoga class, but I didn't like the large class sizes and set schedules that other studios had to offer. Having Christina come to the house was the best decision I could have made. She personalized every session to my energy level, mood, the time of day, and my anxiety level. Some days she pushed me to do a hard core butt workout and other days we did a soft flow with lots of breathing and stretching depending on what my mind and body needed. 

In addition to being an amazing trainer, Christina is a wonderful person. She is the kindest, most genuine person I have met. She inspires me every day to be positive and to focus on the future rather than the past. She has taught me how important it is to cut out all negativity from my life, and to be confident in myself.


I am in the best shape of my life and it's all thanks to Christina.

-Maryna Rolland

Throughout the past 14 years of my fitness journey encompassing martial arts, hockey, and body building, I have had the pleasure of interacting with top tier trainers and athletes.


However, working with Christina at Body on Pointe has by far been the most rewarding experience. Christina's never ending smile, enthusiasm, seemingly limitless knowledge on nutrition and training techniques, left me positively glowing. Christina's passion to help you along your personal health journey and achievement of fitness goals will most definitely be the highlight of your experience, as it was mine.

-David Tulloch

Christina is an intensely passionate woman, in the best possible way. She is intense about everything she takes on, whether it be a new area of study or focusing on a new client. But her intensity is what makes her perfect for what she does.


As a Nutritional Coach, Mother of 2 young children and being an oilfield wife I know what it is like to have to remind myself to take time for my physical fitness and mental well-being, often pushing my own needs to the backburner. Christina’s attitude about life and her approach to the everyday is contagious because she dedicates everything she has to her passion. Even when she is not pushing clients to their limits she encourages a sense of total self-awareness that completely transcends physical and mental boundaries. Even when you are swearing at her trying to push through just a little bit longer you can’t help but know that nobody can push you in just the same way Christina can.

-Erin McCall

"It seem important to start by telling you that I am a personal trainer. I'm a pretty successful one and my clients love working with me!

You'd think, " So you like to eat healthy and are super fit and stuff right?" No I don't. I have a Starbucks and chocolate peanut butter cup problem. 

"OK, well you just obviously have great genetics and you can eat whatever you want and still be healthy?"

Again no. In fact I was burnt out and emotional. My body and health have been suffering in a clinical way. In my line of work: I am smart and knowledgable and I spend most of my time sharing my wealth with my friends, family and clients. What I needed the most was someone to take care of me and hold me accountable. 

I met Christina through a colleague and interrogated her about what she does and how she got there. It didn't take long for me to let my guard down; She is sweet, real and transparent. In fact soon we found ourselves enthralled in conversation! Mostly me trying not to take her time for granted ( because thats how we pay our bills) while she positively spilled the beans because she is that passionate about her work.

Finally, I took the plunge and asked her to work with me. Just like with trainers, she wasn't the first nutrition professional I worked with and I was curious to see what would be similar and what would be different. 

I don't even know how to accurately construct in words how much it was not at all what I had expected. 

I expected her to be kind and professional, I expected her to be smart and I expected her to be personal regarding my needs. I don't think I expected her to know so much better than I did which is what I needed. 

The consult couldn't have been more customized and it was life changing to be in the other seat. She sat with me while I cried, she stayed longer than we had planned and we talked about my life, fitness, my future and finally my nutrition.


Two phrases stuck with me after that day:


- Empower yourself with knowledge (she was empowering me with knowledge)


- Food is fuel, not a luxury


All this to say, since then my body hasn't been the same. I left feeling refreshed and trying to make small changes keeping in mind the things that we had talked about. Not every day has been perfect. i am far from a cry from the perfect client. This is probably the most mind blowing part because even those teeny tiny things that I've managed to make a part of my life are impacting me.


My body is changing in a way that other people have noticed.


I was so tired and burnt out that I was hitting up Starbucks sometimes up to 3 times a day to stay sane and awake for my clients. I love coffee and exclaimed when she told me how much to cut back! I've gotten to the point now where most days I literally don't even notice that I haven't had one at all.


Now I have more energy, joy and clarity! In 2013 I was diagnosed with a hereditary autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Disease. My body doesn't recognize my thyroid and attacks it to shut it down. I've had to increase my medication 5 times and I take a higher dosage than my mom does at half her age and with far fewer current healthy concerns. I fear that it will only get worse and spent the last year visiting my doctor every other month to monitor my symptoms and my blood. My hormones are improving and my weight is perfectly under control. I still look at my body now and don't recognize how small I am.  I am more emotionally stable now, less fatigued and my digestion is better. I'm hoping that if my symptoms stay good and my blood levels look normal that I can start reducing my dosage.


I can't remember the last time before now that I felt "Normal" and it is something else to experience my body finally recovering. 


There is so much more to talk about what she has done for me. For Christina, the fact that this is her job is just a perk. Coaching clients is her passion and you can see how much this recharges her. Thank you isn't enough, her work has insurmountable value. It is the least I can do to share my experience with you.


Thank you Christina!

-Lorelei Maher, Trainer

I have learned many things tom my Nutritionist, Christina. I've learned about both the complexities and simple components that come from learning to not only love the food you feed your body with, but also learning to be satisfied with who you are and where you are at in your journey. 

I've gone from counting calories obsessively in painful attempts to elevate my self-esteem, to giving myself the opportunity to pay attention to how my body and mind feel after eating foods that fuel it properly. The relationship that now exists between what I eat and how I feel has dramatically changed.

After trying so many "fad diets" and strategies, my trust in my body and mindset to keep committed was fading. Christina has taught me to put more faith and trust in my body and mind. I learned to move with the process of becoming healthy instead of struggling through it. I have made a lot of progress emotionally and physically with the help of Christina. Her constant support, expertise and creativity keeps me inspired and resilient.

I would recommend Christina to anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing. 

-Meg Boddington

This kind soul changed our lives. Her knowledge, direction and genuine encouragement is the secret to your healthiest body. Christina worked with us as a couple and a team to create an effective and efficient meal plan that was easy and realistic. Her attention and dedication to our success was amazing. Working with Christina was the best thing we have ever done for ourselves!


- Melissa and Jeff

I have paid so much money on nutritionists these last 4 years and every time they told me to eat protein protein protein!! To build muscles I need animal protein so of course I would listen because they were the experts. I was never seeing the results that I knew I deserved. From spending hours upon hours in the gym and following their meal plans I still wasn't seeing results and was getting so frustrated that I had no idea what was wrong with me. So glad we found Christina and she taught us how to eat for our blood type!

I was skeptical but was going to go in with positivity that this could give me the results that I deserved. After finding out my blood type was to live a vegetarian lifestyle and that I was not to consume any animal protein I was FLOORED! Everything taught over the years was wrong. Christina promised me that if I could change the way I ate I would transform. She gave me the tool and knowledge to make my transformation and man what a transformation! I have wreaked the benefits of turning vegetarian. My energy levels are through the roof, I'm no longer sluggish, tired and constipated. Never in a million years would would I have thought too much protein was to blame.


We just started with Christina in the last month and the transformation has been amazing. :) This is the lifestyle I can 100% stand behind happily. 

Can't thank you enough, Christina, you are such a knowledgeable, upbeat and happy lady. Thank you for believing in me that I could do this. I would highly recommend Christina to everyone!

-  Jenn & Chris


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