Food Is Not Always Fuel

January 2, 2019

There is a buzz of chatter surrounding me as I calmly sit back and sip my peppermint tea while waiting for my newest client, Adrienne to arrive. My location presently is my favourite cafe located in the heart of Sherwood Park called Cafe Haven. From the outside looking in there is nothing special about it. A plain sign announces it's location in the corner of a strip mall, but once stepping foot inside this welcoming little cafe you can instantly see and feel why it is always busy.


" Hmmmm..." I say to my myself quietly as I over hear a group of 3 young girls ( they must be fresh out of high school ) talk about their newest diet and how they have to lose 10 pounds. 
It's so unfortunate to hear this for they are in their prime! At such a young age you should not be worrying about weight loss and having to go to the gym but unfortunately we live in a very unhealthy society that has become filled over obesity, diabetes, cancer, sugar cravings among other addictions that are for the most part food related. Yes, you have done this to yourself or your parents/ grandparents are the ones to initially blame. Harsh? Maybe a little but completely true. Once accepting this and taking accountability the rest will make sense. Was it not your Grandmother who would give you a pop or candy filled with cancer causing sugar that seemed like such a treat when in fact only leading to sickness. Was it not your parents who would make you those highly processed peanut butter and jam sandwiches that do your body no benefit but harm. Was it not you who knowing takes a gulp out of a high calorie latte sometimes twice a day then wonders why you have a surprise new pimple throbbing on your skin ( our largest external organ ) threatening your date night? 
Not every family is like this but in my experience it is the majority especially across North America. 


In walks Adrienne and I can already see what I will be working with her on after our consultation. Within seconds of looking at you, I have already done a full body scan from the colouring in your eyes where I search for discolouration and redness to the dullness or vibrancy of your skin. How clothing fits your body and my key search is your skin. The majority of our skin issues is a direct link to food. What you put in your body is a direct representation of how you appear after all. 

Adrienne is 37,  beautiful and full of life but she has noticed that what she used to eat her entire life is now not servicing her as it once did. Her energy levels are low, weight is starting to creep on slowly despite her active lifestyle and she was told the other day she looked tired. 


What could this be? Simple: Absorption Declining with Age.


It is a biological fact that as you get older, it becomes more difficult for your body to break down and absorb nutrients from food. Numerous reasons play into this but the basics are a reduction of saliva which is your first defence in breaking down food. A decrease in gastrointestinal enzymes and hormonal changes which results in malabsorption. To break it down, we need more nutrients as we age and from the most bioavailable sources that we can get. This now has us following the rabbit hole to the next question.


How do we fix it?


Getting your nutrients from whole and unprocessed foods should always be your first priority but relying on food alone can put your body and brain at an unnecessary disadvantage. A few things cause nutrient deficiencies such as lack of sleep, environmental toxins, soil and water depletion, pesticides and stress. This is where taking a few key and natural supplements will be your saving grace. Nutritional supplements like active nutrient Polyphenols give you a biological youth boost which is essential to fight against aging and protecting our brain's health. Potent polyphenols have been shown to defend against complications from diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases! Wohooo.... ( insert hand clap... ) 
This naturally leads us to our third question at hand.


What are resources for this elixir of life called Polyphenol?


1. Berberine: How many of you wish that you could pop a pill instead of working out and have your dream body? Well I hate to break it to you but nothing is going to replace a good sweat session but Berberine is the closest thing you will come to it since it's ability to produce biological effects similar to exercising. 
Grown in Asia, Berberine has been used for thousands of years as a nutritional supplement and medicine. It has a direct relationship to how our bodies process and burn fat, gut health, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. 

Berberine and Fat Attack: This healthy protein enhances activity in brown fat giving it the nick name " Metabolic Master Switch " by helping to generate heat that burns more calories. It in turn also helps the body from creating fat in the first place along with fighting insulin resistance. 

Berberine and Gut Health: Improving bacteria in your gut is essential as 65% of your immune system is in your gut. Continued production of good gut bacteria will heal and solve digestion issues, IBS, gas and bloating. Berberine has a positive effect on gut flora and helps to eradicate bacteria and optimize your gut microbe status. Basically you want this is your life for proper gut health which in will slow signs of aging on our body from the inside out. "Healthy gut healthy life" is my saying!
I suggest you take 500 milligrams doses 1-3 times a day with a meal to keep your blood levels stable. Like apple cider vinegar it can be hard on an empty stomach. 


2. Turmeric / Organic Curcumin: Let me take you to Bangalore where the fragrance of this spice seems to be everywhere. Curcumin is a bright yellow phytonutrient found in Turmeric that is grown across Asia. Leading back to the 1800s and now in modern science this spice has been a powerful anti - inflammatory but that is not all it does.

Reduce Blood Sugar: Turmeric truly packs one hell of a punch in the fight again blood sugar by helping regulate and improve insulin's ability to bind sugar which is a big reason why people with type 2 diabetes should be upping their intake. Turmeric reduces the activity of specific liver enzymes that release sugar into the blood stream while also activating enzymes that store sugar as glycogen. High glucose levels means that your body will age faster not to mention that this will affect your appearance as well. 
Mood Booster: This particular Polyphenol is a natural anti - depressant which helps to calm anxiety. 

Promote Heart Health: Turmeric or Curcumin can reduce total cholesterol.

I suggest taking 500 mg a day. Use organic curcumin that has been cleanly extracted from the turmeric root. Make sure you are not getting herbicides and pesticides. Food pairing comes into play here since when you take turmeric with a healthy fat ( avocado or salmon or olive oil )  it dramatically boosts absorption!


Our bodies more than ever are in need of regulation due to living in societies that are heavily polluted, over populated and filled with constant stimulation which is now causing many aging factors that are playing a huge roll in how our bodies absorb nutrients. Instead of over stimulating your body with high sugars and over loading it with caffeine, try to take a step back and truly " listen " to what your body is saying. 
Is your skin constantly in havoc of break outs? Try to food log and clean up your diet.
Are you constantly thirsty? Incorporate hydrating foods such as celery, cucumber and watermelon to help with hydration.
Having sugar cravings? Have a couple of dates, a few slices of a sweet apple or a lick of local and organic honey.
Instead of using medication to cover up a headache why not try resolving " WHY " and " WHAT " is triggering them.


There is a science behind healing, slowing down aging the dreaded aging process and feeling your best but sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get there.


This is dedicated to all of my wonderful followers who have taken my tips and started to in fact radiate from the inside out! Let's make 2019 our year!


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