Single, Fit & Fabulous

September 29, 2018

" Playing Ball With Mr. Safe " 


" But he is such a nice guy!..." are the words my Chic Brazilian friend hears me whine in between sprints on the track we are training on. " He would treat me wonderful, he's genuine and kind so why am I not that interested? "

The truth is we both already knew the answer since Mr. European Politician is one of the hundreds of successful men who have tried to chase me across the globe over the years. 
" You do this every time when you get bored or lonely and the same result happens. The reason being? You're just not that interested in the men who play it safe! " Chic Brazilian spews out while trying to catch her breath.

Pow! That was a direct punch to the face but as usual my beautiful friend could see me clearly. After years of putting my career first I had broken the cardinal rule repeatedly, I dated with my head and not my heart which left me bored, unfulfilled and craving more. The more could be summed up in two normally unrelated words: Faithful / Excitement. 


The next morning I broke it off with Mr. European Politician for the last time. Enough stringing him along trying to wait for the excitement and attraction to magically appear. It wasn't fair to him for me to be half invested with the other half waiting to take off in a full on run. 


In life  ( Just like many of us Single, Fit & Fabulous women ) I've always made it a point to never settle and have the best from top of the line skin care products with routine facials, a new seasonal wardrobe each year, a well behaved and forever faithful dog who is the main love in my life and always giving it 100% in my career yet in dating it's always fallen short. 


Some say you should marry the guy you friend zoned because he's a keeper. He appreciates you, he loves you and he's a good listener. He's always there for you. It's as if all that matters is how he treats you, and not what feelings you have for him in return.


So why is it that as successful, attractive and full of life women, we go for the safe option?



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