Sound of Chimes & Energy

March 19, 2018

The sound of chimes continuously clang as people make their way into this cozy coffee shop where I've stopped to rest. Their hair is dusted white from the wet snow that started to fall a day ago and has yet to stop. 

Edmonton was well on her way to summer but now lays hidden under a blanket of snow. 

Currently sitting peacefully by the window I have the luxury to observe others and the outside scene. In front a group of girls from the university are giggling and endulging over a brownie with their notes and text books scattered across the wooden tables. To my right sits a family with a little girl dressed in pink who just burst out into laughter as her mother attempted to wipe the chocolate off her cheeks. Such a little sight to see which makes others in line look over and smile. Children are such a breath of fresh air aren't they?

The cafe is filled with the buzz of chatter from the hustle and bustle while blues music faintly fills in the gaps.

Energy. Such a fragile yet powerful exchange which constantly is taking place. Every interaction, every exhale, every time you lock eyes with another individual is an exchange of energy.

I am guilty of giving all my energy to others out of what I believe is pure love. This act leaves myself feeling stripped naked and bare. No longer is there anything left to give. Picture a tree falling in the forest. Eventually after time the insects eat all that is within, the elements help to hollow out what is left and eventually moss will overtake the once powerful tree. Overtime new life will grow and another tree will come to life. How to break this cycle and stay as a beautiful willow that has learned to sway with the elements?

All these thoughts in a quaint little coffee shop. All this energy taking place in a quaint little coffee shop. There's so much life.



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