Set Your Soul Free

February 26, 2018




The water from the sea washes up onto the shore and submerges my sand covered hands.

I taste the salt from the water on my lips as I move poses to downward dog during my flow along the beach. Breathe.

Time has no baring today on my mind and I could not tell you how long I held each pose.

Golden brown skin is what I see as I open my eyes to see my skin in the sunlight; a smile crosses my face. 

"What do you need?” I ask my body as my right leg extends into the air and a long exhale of breath leaves my body.

Ahead of me is the caribbean sea with all the life and colours that it embodies and surrounding me is energy. 

“ I need you to be alive “ is her response. “ Thank you for finally filling me back up with life.”

Another wave gently creeps up the white sand of the shore as my body deepens into the hold, growing longer as if to reach for the sea. My left leg is stretched out straight with my toe pointed while my right leg is cradled in my arms. 

How good it feels to fully be happy, to not desire or think of anything aside from this moment right now. That is what my yoga practice embodies. No judgement, no thoughts and no fear.. I fall but it is only since I push my limits for without falling in life you will never push those tender boundaries to light this life on fire.


“Hello!” and I see a friendly wave, a smile of joy and eyes that light my heart. His body is strong yet his energy let me breathe.

“ Have you tried on a paddle board before? Would you like to try it out on the water? There is no charge.” 


There I am alive in the sea as the waves playfully knock me off the board.

Finally a new challenge. This is where I am meant to be, alive, challenged and sun kissed with tendrils of my dark hair falling across my face. 

Here comes a wave and I’m knocked flat off my board! 

“Well then! Time to get back on and try that again!” I say to myself as I wipe the water from my eyes. Another wave pulls the paddle board further into the ocean and I fall off yet again with laughter and a bright smile. If anyone was watching from a distance I’m sure I did not look like the elegant dancer I usually portray on land but more to resemble a new baby fawn trying to learn how to walk or merely stand. 


I fell far more times than succeeding in standing upright but that was the most beautiful part of it.


Until next time my beautiful Barbados.


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