"Shhh... "They Say.

February 23, 2018



"Shhh be a lady" they say as I go to speak my mind.

"Stay quiet and don't make waves." I'm told as an opinion is formed. Little do they know that I am the wave. 

Far too long I spent years swallowing opinions, biting words of strength or even hiding sadness and in turn to only create a blockage in my Throat Chakra.

For those of you who do not know me, I've spent years developing my energy along with energy healing and readings. It started at my age of a young girl when my father used to explain to me why upon meeting a stranger that we either feel attracted and connected to someone or at times have a feeling of uneasiness or for most that person leaves no lasting impression. For some years I chose not to follow my voice and gave my energy to all the wrong outlets. I always stayed strong but for speaking my untold thoughts was another story. In time my circle began to tighten and the company of those who were likeminded began to intertwine and have yet to leave my side. Society pushes marriage and relationships upon us. To grow up, go to school and live in the same country as you were born while starting a family... but what happens when that conformity forms cancer?


Where am I right now?


At this moment it is 9:40 am Barbados time and 6:42 am in Canada. The salt air whips off the sea and cleanses my skin and I am writing along the white beaches of the island.. my beautiful Barbados. An exhale is let out while a tear drop falls softly down my cheek. This is not a tear drop of sadness but one of freedom and joy for the islands is where I am finally as I said... free.


Freedom is a powerful feeling and has not been a right to many in this world throughout history. Slavery enforced capture and crippled the free will with violent lashings and captivity during the 1800s in Europe.

Jews retell the story about the Hebrews' flight from slavery in Egypt and their miraculous escape across the Red Sea, giving birth to the nation of Israel and my heritage. Coretta Scott King ( known most commonly as being Martin Luther's wife ) was as avid proselytizer for vision of racial peace, nonviolent social change and freedom. In America Coretta Scott King was one of the most influential women leaders in our world, and a true inspiration in the eyes to many all while helping lead the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

The world is changing with world leaders now on twitter ( reference to the irrational Donald Trump ) and with great assistance of social media and technology there is little left to hide. Those who have been suppressed and silenced are now finding their own voices and it is a beautiful thing.


Why have I held my tongue for so long? 


I give gratitude to four women in my life this year who have enabled me to find my voice. Thank you to my ever so lovely friend, Karinna. I have and will forever love you. 

Thank you to three women based out of a little town in Alberta called Smokey Lake. You broke those chains and set me free. 

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