Why Relationships Make Us Fat!

February 16, 2018


Single life is so simple isn't it?


Life seems to be all about you and that is because it truly is! Life is all about your time, your goals, your lifestyle and day to day activities so what happens when we throw a relationship into the mix?

Day to day life changes, we spend more time together which traditionally means dinners out in restaurants which are accompanied by high sugar cocktails and desserts. We tend to skip the gym or those long runs just to spend extra time with that new and exciting love interest. Social gatherings and engagements are suddenly each weekend from combining both social circles and we stop focussing on our appearance as much until those jeans just don't seem to fit good as they once did. So this brings up the question, is there a correlation between weight gain and relationships? The answer is yes!


In a study by Penny Gordon Larsen (Entry Into Romantic Partnership Is Associated With Obesity) involving 8,000 people, researchers noted that going from being single or dating, to married or living together, is positively associated with obesity. Women who live with a partner have an increased chance of becoming obese within a year while men’s odds increase within two years.

Additionally in 2013 research conducted by the Southern Methodist University (SMU) found that the happier couples are, the more weight they gain over a two-year period, while those who are unhappy maintain their weight which is due to the very common disorder which is "Emotional Eating."


Being single probably also gives people an incentive to be slimmer just as being in an established couple leads to complacency. People tend to put on weight when they get married and lose it after a divorce, says Virginia Chang, who researches obesity at the University of Pennsylvania. This is especially true for females ( of course ) whose weight affects future dating prospects and social settings more than a mans. 

Isabelle Khoo states "Happiness and weight gain correlate because the more satisfied you are with your partner, the less pressure you put on yourself to maintain weight. As the SMU study notes, maintaining weight "is motivated primarily by the desire to attract a mate." 


Now the second question is on the table: How can we stop the muffin top weight from occurring and continue to be in a successful and loving relationship? Here are a few simple steps you can take as a happy couple to make sure you stay in shape and in love all at the same time.


1. If an activity was important to you before you were in a relationship, it should be important once you're in the relationship. Keep running, playing hockey or those long dog walks in the river valley.


2. Balance is Key. If you and your partner attend a BBQ or date night the evening before, make it a habit to hit up a yoga class or cross fit session the next morning to burn those extra calories off together. A couple who trains together stays together!


3.Turn date night out on the town into a romantic night in. The same dish at a restaurant will be 200-700 calories more than if you prepared it at home. Once a week you or your partner chooses a new recipe and you spend the night in with a glass of wine, music and learning how each other moves in the kitchen. 


4. Space is a Positive. Resist the urge to spend every day together and keep your friends close! Instead attend a fitness class or activity with your close friends, go for a walk/run or to the dog park!


5. Keep yourself in check. Today's society people tend to push they fitted jeans to the back of their closet and grab those comfortable Lululemon pants. What happens right there is you lose your gauge to weight gain. Your work out pants will stretch and keep everything in check while your humbling jeans will show the extra scoop of ice cream with less mercy. 


6. Keep it hot and steamy. Sex is a great work out and keeps couples bonded. On average men will burn 100 calories and women burn roughly 80 for every 10-15 minutes between the sheets.


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