Grow A Pair Of Balls & Cry

September 14, 2017


If you type in “Strength” on google, initially the first definition is as following: 1. "The quality or state of being strong, in particular." 2. "A good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing."

In a society that by the day continuously grows more superficial I believe that is it important to start to emphasize on the upcoming generations what strength should look like on men and women. That is to say we take out the superficial and surface area definition of strength and go much more deeper.


My father was a leading example in my life and was the true definition of strength. He showed me how to be strong by standing on my own two feet and nurtured the ability to adapt to any situation and take care of myself. He showed me it was okay to cry and that men did cry and that is an aspect of strength that I wish more fathers would show their children. It is okay for men to show emotion, to be vulnerable at times and actually feel proper feelings. Relationships are built upon feelings for each other and as humans we love, we feel pain, we hurt, feel happiness, kindness, excitement, our body physically aches from broken hearts and terror. The area in our brain called the Amygdala ( a tiny almond shaped structure located deep inside) and the Hippocampus ( a tiny structure shaped almost as a sea horse ) tend to be the main areas involved with our emotions. Those two areas are linked together by the Limbic System which is responsible for processing and controlling emotions in the human brain. Men and women are hard wired the same in that sense however why do we function completely opposite and are painted differently in society?


Late October 2016 in Australia a show called “Man Up” released a video that went viral receiving millions of hits and creating a stir across the world, it was called, “It takes balls to cry.” The opening quote has stayed with me since watching the first time and is as follows, “Before we can talk we cry, its how we survive so why do we tell boys to stop crying, to harden up, to grow a pair?” The Man Up campaign was created to show awareness to male suicide in Australia. Of the 3,000 people who committed suicide in Australia, 2,292 were men. In 2009 in Canada there were 3,890 suicides and the males were three times higher then the rates for females. There is no way to look at that statistic being good or bad because in reality suicide is devastating for each gender but men need to be able to voice their emotions in society as freely as women do. To be able to reach out to friends and family if having a bad day and simply ask for a hug or someone to simply listen. What would a society be like if all men and women were accepted for themselves? To share their feelings of love, happiness, desire, to tell someone “ You hurt my feelings” and to be able to be man to man or woman to woman and say that you love them without having someone yell “Gay” or give a judgmental glance?


Strength comes in all forms though and this is simply one aspect of it that needs to be improved on. It is 2017 and the world has evolved vastly, however in society there is much more room needed for growth. Take a stand and express strength in yourself today.

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