All About Snacks

Mindful vs. Belly-full:


If you find yourself reaching for the cupboards or going to the fridge mindlessly, chances are you might be bored, not hungry.


The habit of grazing mindlessly can quickly add up to hundreds of unneeded calories per day.


Quick tips to banish bad habits –


1. Ask yourself – am I hungry enough to eat an apple right now? If not, go drink a big glass of water instead.


2. Turn off the TV and put away the phone and focus on enjoying your meal. Studies show that distraction leads to overeating.


3. Take a moment to appreciate the food that’s in front of you and recognize that the food in front is a blessing that feeds your body, soul and mind.


Breath. Relax. Enjoy Slowly. 



Pros vs. Cons to Snacking:


Snacking is often viewed as a negative to being healthy, but in fact, it can be a powerful tool used to help stay on track whether you want to maintain weight, lose those extra pounds to gain. An ideal snack is 100 calories or less.


Why should we snack? Having a light snack throughout your day will:


1. Keep energy levels up.


2. Help ensure you are getting all of your daily nutrients throughout the day.


3. Prevent over eating at meal time.


Why should we not snack? Having an unhealthy snack throughout your day will:


Overconsumption on too many snacks will cause extra weight gain from unnecessary calories. 


Stimulate unhealthy cravings especially if consumed from empty calories such as a handful of potato chips or salted nuts.


May lead to skipping out on healthy meals that are an essential source of nutrients and fats.





We love healthy snacking throughout the day to maintain optimum health by providing your brain and body a steady stream of nutrients. By planning and preparing ahead of time you set yourself up for success by avoiding those dreaded vending machines full of empty calorie protein bars and bags of chips. Here are a few snacking recipes that are quick fixes and will keep you going strong throughout the day!





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