Dance. Eat. Train. Repeat.

That was my life for almost 18 years.

I strongly believe if you want something bad enough you can attain it, regardless of the obstacles. But you need to be thirsty.

Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of clients across the world from sports teams such as Men's Lacrosse Teams and Rugby Players to women battling Thyroid Disorders and weight loss.

In 2018 I founded Body On Pointe for two simple reasons:

Passion and Freedom to Empower.

After working for years with private personal training gyms across North America as their top Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I could see that society needed a little shake up... and I believe it is my time to be that change.

Nutrition is simple, but society is now in a health epidemic where proper nutrition and health is like the holy grail. I've watched the world become ill from cancer, diabetes, obesity and gut related issues with the medical system only continuing to grow and make money off all of it.


What drives me to give back to our communities?

At age 21 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer that was spreading to all my organs. 21 was the age I learned how precious every single day and every single moment is. The medical system pushed for a hysterectomy and chemo in order to preserve my life, but what they don't help with is the carnage that a patient lives with after surgery and treatments are finished.

At age 32 I remain untreated. My health continues to thrive, allowing me to travel the world and do everything that I love. Now it is my passion to show people, women in particular, how simple and easy it is to be healthy. And above that, how vital it is as well. I questioned everything and took my health in my own hands, and am forever grateful that I did. 

My passion is transformations that last a lifetime,  and I am proud to stand beside my clients for their lifetime.


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