Food as Fuel - A Tool for Nourishment


" Food as Fuel" is a phrase you will hear me say often, but it holds a very powerful meaning.

People have started using food as a coping mechanism when they are excited, hurt, tired or simply bored. We have steered away from using it as nourishment for our bodies, allowing them to function properly. 

I am here to help you retrain your thought process view food as a tool we use to give us power, make us feel energized and allow our bodies run at their healthiest state.

I use 3 tools:

  • Eating for your blood type

  • Eating for your hormones / goals 

  • Eating for your lifestyle

I could give you the perfect nutrition plan … but if it doesn't fit your lifestyle, you might as well send that plan straight out the window!

Is Body on Pointe For You?

My work is with people from every side of the spectrum - from Ultra Marathon Runners who need the extra nutrition to stabilize their weight properly and tide them over for endurance training, to women who are struggling with weight, recovering from creating a life, or learning to deal with thyroid issues.

Life is about balance and becoming knowledgeable about your body, and after working hand-in-hand with me, you will be able to stand alone and know the reasons "why" behind every ingredient you put in your body – it’s purpose and benefits.


Nutrition Coaching

21 day clear skin program is $99 USD

Weight loss Coaching

42 day weight loss program $600

Hormone Rebalancing 

21 day $150

Private Personal Training

In Home $70

Online $40



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